Did you know that Americans spend 20 or more hours per week in their vehicles? Billboards and outdoor advertising are constantly being shown to consumers while in route to and from work, school, and where they shop. What does that mean for your business? While Out of Home advertising reaches up to 99% of consumers on a weekly basis, the potential for your business to increase awareness, make an impact on your brand, and bring customers to your door is virtually unlimited.

At Twenty East, our buying power within every market throughout Texas, has enabled us to make 1000’s of Out of Home advertising placements locally, regionally, and state-wide. But, our buying power and placements aren’t just confined to Texas, we currently have active billboards and out of home advertising campaigns in 13 states! Our inventory of billboards gives you options to place your message strategically in high traffic areas and exposure closer to point of purchase which influences buying decisions.

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