Twenty East is a long-standing, full-service advertising agency located in the Historic District of downtown Tyler, Texas



Tips to Optimize Your Branding

In today’s business world, it’s all about finding a balance between traditional advertising such as billboards, tv, radio, mailers/flyers, etc., and digital advertising.
Optimizing your brand is crucial when it comes to marketing your brand in the most efficient way.

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Finding the Perfect Traditional Mix in Local Advertising

Twenty East Advertising, in Tyler, Texas, is a local advertising agency that knows that when it comes to marketing in 2020, traditional advertising is often overlooked in today’s digital world.   Some people feel that traditional modes are an outdated way to advertise. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when it comes to focusing on your local community.

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Content Marketing: Your Copy Matters!

Recent surveys show a growing trend to increasingly employ content marketing as a significant component of an overall advertising mix.  The effectiveness of content marketing hinges on information that is current, relevant, and of value to the consumer.

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Choosing a Traditional Advertising Agency

Whether your business operates in a large metropolitan city like Dallas or Houston, or is in a smaller city like Tyler, TX, whether it’s involved in delivering a service, selling merchandise, or engaged in manufacturing a product, and regardless of its size, scope, and structure, choosing an advertising agency is a critical step in ensuring your ongoing success.

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